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Very cool coffe tool table December 22, 2010

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When we get our office HQ together this just may need to be in it. How cool is this table we found at Freshome…although in our opinion, there is no such thing as a useless tool.


Anatomy of a drill

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Woo hoo! One of our favorite design blogs seems to be thinking the same thing we are! Check out the anatomy of a drill post here on Design Sponge for all info a grrl could want on a drill that we really want!  They cover drill bits, types, and info for first time buyers.  Very cool



Calling All Lovely Ladies. We want to turn you into ToolGrrlz! December 21, 2010

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Next Workshop Date: March 5th – More info to come

Address: TBD

Women’s Tool Workshop Series.  The Workshops will be every 6 weeks give or take and each class will focus on a different skill set and toolz.

We will demonstrate proper usage and application with special emphasis on SAFETY. We may also complete a mini-project with the skills you learn. Send us links to things you’re interested in building. The class runs 3 hours.

Toolz we can cover include but are not limited to:

Tape Measure
Knives & Pencils
Speed/Combo Squares
Hammer – Framing & Finish
Nail Sets
Drill/Screw Gun
Finish nail gun
Caulking Gun


Safety First

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  Projects are fun and ideas are great, we love inspiration and all but the first thing that we want to encourage is safety.  The only tool related injury we have had is a broken finger (see X-ray) from using a hammer.  That’s right…a hammer.  It just goes to show that you can never be too careful.  We are having our first workshop in January and one of our main focuses will be on tool safety.