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January 14, 2011

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We think that this table is aces!  Always on the hunt for new project ideas…and also stuff that we think is super cool, we found this House of Cards table by Brazilian designer-architect Mauricio Arruda. “To manufacture the table, a process of laser cutting was used. This technology created a perfect reproduction of a deck of cards in scale 13:1. Subsequently, steel cards were welded one to one forming a second‐story house of cards that serves as an under frame. These frames feature a versatile look to the piece, since they are capable of supporting different sized tabletops. The design options were made to accommodate form 6 to 10 seats . The images of the playing cards are printed individually in the plates of steel, which allows each table to have a different configuration, becoming single pieces. They are assembled like a house of cards in a real cards game, where each piece is drawn randomly.”  Not necessarily something that we are going to be making in the garage any time soon but very cool nonetheless!