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christmas tree sledge January 28, 2011

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We ran across this awesome sled on Inhabitat’s website (which we absolutely love and highly recommend!)  One of the ideas which is dear to our hearts is that of up cycling – or re purposing.  We love finding items which would otherwise end up in the landfill and see them turn into fabulous new designs.   Christmas trees are a prime example of a single use item…use em, love em, toss em…well not any more!  Designer Tom Hatfield has created gorgeous and functional sleds using found branches from Christmas trees brought to the curb around his native London. The purposeful rough-hewn effect is achieved with “bodging,” a traditional (if not primitive) woodworking technique where branches are used as is, and left untreated as “green” wood…Love it!  Click on the image to see hi site…the Blooming Bench also rocks our world!