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Cool Collectives February 2, 2011

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Great minds think alike…we hope.  We ran across Shareble, a great site about collective creating.  It’s all fine and dandy having great skillz, a great space, and enough of the right equipment to produce your art/work.  But if you only have one or (if you’re lucky two) of the mentioned assets then your fab projects seem to always be put on hold.  We think that finding a like minded community of ‘creators’ is always the firs step.  Check out what some ingenious folk are getting going and lets kick off some similar project spaces her in SO CO! Who’s with us! (Or if you know of similar situations, drop us a line)

Like many unfortunately-coiffed DIY-minded youths in the early ‘00s, I found an undeniable allure in designing my own t-shirts. The ability to emblazon self-designed images, jokes or political messages on one’s own clothes seemed a bit like modern-day alchemy. I was already familiar with the easy but flawed methods: stencils, which didn’t allow for fine detail, and printer t-shirt transfers, which flaked off after a couple of washes. The preferred method was clearly screen printing, but how-to books and online FAQ’s were mystifying. Finally an artist friend taught me the basics, but it took months of trial and error before I really got a feel for the process. Which is why screen printing co-ops are such as the Austin Screen Print Cooperative (ASPCO) and Chicago’s Spudnik Press are a brilliant concept.

Founded on the premise that art should be a democratic and empowering medium, Spudnik Press Cooperative is committed to providing a print shop that is approachable and affordable; a space where professional printmakers merge with aspiring students; a space that encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas. At Spudnik Press, artists create and use printed materials to further culture and engage with their community. Through sharing materials, equipment, and studio space, artists are also sharing technical skills, practical knowledge, and creative processes. By pooling resources and creative problem solving, artists at Spudnik Press are able to create a space that is beyond the means of solo emerging artists. By extending our programming to include exhibitions, classes, free workshops, and drawing groups, we are able to reach beyond the print community and engage with the community as a whole.