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Power [Toolz] to the Women! January 11, 2011

Howdy and welcome to ToolGrrlz, a handy source of information, workshops, networking, not to mention the kitchen sink. Also under construction is the forthcoming HUB for Women’s Workshops in SoCo. More on that. We can’t wait!

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Check out the very first of many Workshops below.

Workshop Address: 1081 C Street Fulton, CA
email: to sign up

Women’s Tool Workshop Series.  The Workshops will be monthly and each class will focus on a different skill set and toolz.

We will demonstrate proper usage and application with special emphasis on SAFETY. We will also complete a mini-project with the skills you learn. Send us links to things you’re interested in building. The class runs 3 hours.

Toolz we can cover include but are not limited to:

Tape Measure
Knives & Pencils
Speed & Combo Squares
Hammers – Framing & Finish
Nail Sets
Drill/Screw Gun
Finish nail gun
Caulking Gun & Painting toolz

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